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Accomidating the denver metro area since 2008

We also accommodate Parker to Ft Collins and  Evergreen to Lochbuie. And further!

About A-U Need a Fence

Family owned and operated since 2008. I have been building fences my whole life. My father owned his own fencing company when my brothers and I were younger, that's where I got taught everything I know. With 40+ years of experience I am sure to fulfill what you are envisioning. 

Our Team

Our team consists of one guy. Jim usually works on his own with occasional help. With a flat bed truck and all the tools and materials to get you a beautiful fence. 


Fence Repair

With our fencing repair services, we’re proud to offer our clients with outstanding results. Do you have a fence that is dysfunctional and in need of repair?  Bypass installing a new fence, and allow our team to help sew you back together. 

Custom Fencing

Our custom fencing is ideal for those looking for additional security and privacy for their home. Unlike tradition fences, custom fencing can better match your home or property. 

Ornamental Fencing

With ornamental fencing, you’re not only gaining more privacy but a great view as well. A beautiful fence wrapped around your property will increase the curb appeal all while raising the value of the property as well. 

Industrial Fencing

Many clients seek our assistance when they’re in need of construction fencing and chain link fences. We offer great results on your industrial fencing needs, which go above and beyond your expectations. 

Residential Fencing

Residential fencing is perfect for those looking to increase the value, appeal, and privacy of their home. Not only is this great for privacy but as a homeowner, it’s safe to assume that you want security as well. 

Commercial Fencing

 Your business is a huge investment, so why not ensure its security with a custom fence installation? We offer incredible work for our commercial clients that not only increase safety but curb appeal for your customers as well. 

Gate Hardware

We only use heavy duty lockable gate hardware.


We use Western Red Cedar wood, your pickets wont be bowed or have cracks going down them. 

Post Setting

While setting our post we dig them the standard 2 feet . To ensure your post wont rot with the rain and snow Colorado gets we dome the top or our set post so the water will roll off instead of sitting on top of the cement. 

Reveiws From Our Customers

Harry A. -Golden, CO

We needed about a 20 foot section of 35 year old fence replaced that went between our house and the property line. I called AU Need A Fence for a quote along with several other companies. We chose Jim because he sounded the most knowledgeable over the phone. They were not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Actually their price was about the middle of what we received. Their wait time was about three weeks which I felt was reasonable for someone who does good work.

Jim came out an removed the old fence including breaking up the concrete around the existing posts and removing it. He then dug new holes and set the posts in concrete. While the concrete was setting up I had Jim look at two posts on a 100 foot section that was on the other side of the house. These posts were loose. He determined that they were broken below the ground. This was probably due to 100 MPH winds we had on Christmas day that also took down one of our 40 foot spruce trees. These post were 4X6 posts instead of the normal 4X4. He had someone bring over two replacement posts while he removed the broken ones. I expected he would simply put in a new post next to the broken one and leave the broken one there. I have seen this done time and again as the method of repair. Jim actually unscrewed the cross pieces and removed the section of fence attached to the broken posts. Again he removed the posts and the old concrete. He then set new posts and put everything back the way it was. Looking at the back of the fence where the posts are you could never tell that anything was ever done to the posts. This is the way things should be done.

Jim then finished the original 20 foot section which looked absolutely great when it was done. He installed heavy duty hardware on the new gate including a catch that can be locked on the inside of the gate. When he was done he raked up the area and removed all debris. All in all the new fence looks fantastic and my other fence won't blow down because of broken posts.

I recommend Jim to anyone who needs a new fence or a repair and really wants the job to be done correctly. My wife was even amazed at how good the new fence looked. 

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